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Languages Across the Curriculum

Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC) is a curricular enrichment program that provides students with the opportunity to use their skills in languages other than English in non-language courses. It aims to infuse foreign language across the curriculum, thus building on the skills of language proficient students in courses where authentic foreign language sources are not a regular component of the curriculum but would complement the course material. Thus, students can extend their knowledge of a second language beyond foreign language courses and apply those skills to course materials, research and projects in non-language disciplines. In addition, the inclusion of authentic course-relevant source materials in another language enriches course perspectives and prepares students more fully for the cross-cultural and multilingual demands of a global society.

Students at TCNJ may enroll in a LAC 391 independent study linked to a course in another field. The LAC independent study is directly related to an existing course in English but grants an additional credit for work conducted in a second language that supports and enhances the focus of the original course. Thus, a student enrolled in a History, Politics, International Business or Sociology course that examines a topic amenable to research in another language or course-related activities in a second language could enroll in a LAC 391 independent study linked to that course. The expectations for the LAC independent study are specified by the course instructor in conjunction with the LAC director, who provides support and supervises student progress throughout the semester.

LAC has been embraced by a number of academic institutions nationwide and is a readily identifiable means to indicate a student’s ability to engage in multilingual learning in preparation for the workplace and graduate study. LAC has been successfully instituted at TCNJ over the past two semesters and has yielded exciting projects and rewarding results. For further information, please contact Dr. Deborah Compte of the Department of Modern Languages at or at x2392, or access the following links: