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Languages Across the Curriculum Instructions

Fall 2023 

Holly Didi-Ogren, LAC Director,

Welcome to Languages Across the Curriculum. 

This ¼ unit (one credit) Independent Study course (which is offered on a Pass/Ungraded basis only) allows students to incorporate their proficiency in a foreign language into another credit granting course where foreign language sources are not a required component of the curriculum.   You must consult with the professor of the course to determine what an appropriate LAC project might be for that specific course, and that the LAC activities will support and enhance the focus of the course. LAC 391 will be included on your academic transcript (P/U grading option only) and serves to document your ability to utilize your second language skills outside the traditional foreign language curriculum.  

Fall 2023 deadlines:


Once approved for the course, please see below for the course requirements. Please note that all assignments should be submitted through the LAC course in Canvas. 

1. By the third week of the semester: Submit a detailed Summary Proposal that describes the specific work involved in your LAC project through the Canvas module assignment link. Please note that you must consult with the professor of the course to which LAC is attached for this assignment. 

2. Provide brief periodic reports of ongoing progress in relation to the LAC component of the course to the LAC supervisor. Deadlines and submission details are provided in the Canvas LAC course.

3. Prepare an end of the semester report.  Your final report should include:

  • Your name and major
  • The course to which you linked LAC
  • A description of:
    • the LAC project
    • the degree to which your LAC project complemented or enhanced the course
    • how participation in the LAC course improved your language development and proficiency

4. Submit the evaluation of the LAC program.


Activities that lend themselves to LAC projects may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Conducting course-related research for papers and projects by accessing and incorporating authentic materials in a second language.
  • Supplemental course readings in the original language.
  • Oral presentations (in English) based on target language sources not available to other class members.
  • Submission of written work in the target language (where the course professor is able to evaluate this work).
  • Community-based work with local foreign language populations.