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Middle Eastern Studies

Source: University of TexasMiddle Eastern Studies is one of the geographical specializations offered for International Studies majors. This interdisciplinary regional specialization gives provides students with course work in the languages, history, and politics of the Middle East.  Students may study Intensive Arabic, and take politics and history courses specific to the Middle East. Students are required to complete, at minimum, one semester abroad.


Major Requirements

Major Core 

1-International Studies 200 (INT 200)

2- Foreign Languages: 2 course units at 200 level or ab

2 course units at 200 level or above
Languages: Arabic

1-ECO 102: Principles of Macroeconomics

1-INT 498 Senior Seminar in International Studies

Minimum of one semester study abroad experience

Middle Eastern Studies Requirements 

1- History Option

HIS 341: Islamic World
HIS 342: Modern Middle East

1- Humanities Option

1- Political Science Option

POL 357 Middle East Politics

1-Social Sciences Option

1- Business Option

2- Middle Eastern Studies Electives