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African Studies Minor

africa This interdisciplinary area studies minor within the international studies program seeks to offer students a broad background in the languages, history, politics, and cultures of Africa. Students may complete Arabic language courses to fulfill the language requirement of the minor. It draws on the existing strengths of a number of departments and faculty members at The College of New Jersey.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. George Leader


Core (1 course unit)

  • HIS 352/AAS 352: Colonial and Modern Africa

Africa (1 course unit)

Select one of the following:

  • HIS  251: Ancient and Medieval Africa
  • HIS 252: Colonial and Modern Africa
  • AAS 201: African and Diaspora Religious Traditions
  • AAS  365/INT 365: African Cinema: Francophone African Experience Through Film

Recommended Courses (3 course units)

The minor requires three additional course units for a total of five courses drawn from at least three disciplines, chosen by the student from the recommended list or by advisement. Three of the five courses must be at the 300 level or above.

  • AAS  202: Global Perspectives: African Diaspora Art and Culture
  • AAS  280: Africana Women in Historical Perspective
  • ECO  210: History of Economic Thought
  • ECO  335: Economic Development
  • ECO  340: International Economics
  • FRE  241: Introduction to African Francophone Literature and Culture
  • HIS  350: Topics in African History
  • HIS  353: African History in Film, Literature, and Music
  • HIS  354: South African History
  • HIS  355: East African History
  • HIS  356: State and Slavery in West Africa
  • HIS  357: Religion and Politics in Africa
  • HIS  456: Readings Seminar in History: Modern Africa
  • HIS  457: Readings Seminar in History: Early Africa
  • HIS  455: Reading Seminar on Islamic Mysticism and Shrines
  • HON  230: Islam in Comparative Perspective
  • POL  250: Politics and Society in Developing Countries
  • POL  352: Comparative Political Economy of Development