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Latin-American and Caribbean Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary area studies minor within the international studies program seeks to offer students a broad background in the languages, history, politics, and cultures of Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. It takes advantage of the existing strengths of a number of departments and faculty members at The College of New Jersey. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Chartock


Options (5 course units)

Five approved courses drawn from at least three disciplines chosen by the student from the recommended list below or by advisement. Three of those courses must be at or above the 300 level. Students are strongly encouraged to develop a coherent focus as they fulfill the minor’s requirements. Students must complete at least one course at the 200 level in Spanish or another Latin-American language or achieve equivalent proficiency (intermediate low as defined in the ACTFL guidelines).

  • AAS 201: Global Perspectives: African Diaspora Religious Traditions
  • AAS 202: Global Perspectives: African Diaspora, Arts, and Culture
  • ECO 335:Economic Development*
  • ECO 340: International Economics**
  • HIS 264: History of the Caribbean
  • HIS 258: Colonial Latin America
  • HIS 359: Modern Latin America
  • HIS 261: History of Mexico
  • HIS 458: Readings Seminar in History: Modern Latin America
  • HIS 459: Readings Seminar in History: Early Latin America
  • HON 332: Gender and National Identity in Latin America
  • INT 350: International Trade in the Caribbean
  • POL 250: Politics and Society in Developing Countries
  • POL 352: Political Economy of Development
  • POL 358: Latin-American Politics
  • POL 380: International Political Economy
  • SOC 336: Social and Cultural Change
  • SPA 312: Survey of Spanish-American Literature
  • SPA 327: Hispanic Short Story
  • SPA 331: Spanish-American Novel
  • WGS 360: Literature by Latina and Latin American Women

*Prerequisite: ECO 101/Principles of Microeconomics
**Prerequisite: ECO 102/Principles of Macroeconomics