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European Studies Minor

2008_Europe_Political_Map_ENThis interdisciplinary area studies minor within the international studies program seeks to offer students a broad background in the languages, history, politics, and cultures of Europe. It draws on the existing strengths of a number of departments and faculty members at The College of New Jersey.


Five courses, drawn from at least three disciplines, chosen by the student from the approved list below or by advisement.

Three of these courses must be at the 300 level or above.

Students are strongly encouraged to work with their advisers to develop a coherent focus as they fulfill their minor’s requirements.

One language course in a European language other than English at the 200 level or
equivalent proficiency (intermediate low as defined in the ACTFL guidelines).

Recommended Courses:

ECO  340/International Economics*
ECO  345/Comparative Economic Systems*
FRE  240/Introduction to French Literature
FRE  255/French for Business
GER 202/Introduction to German Literature
GER 255/Business German
HIS  316/Topics in Early Modern or Modern European History
HIS 322/Europe’s Imperial Era
HIS 323/Eastern Europe Since 1939
HIS  324/Women in Eastern Europe 1848–Present
HIS  325/Modern Germany
HIS 327/European Social History Since 1789
HIS  349/The Soviet Union, 1917–1991
ITL 240/Introduction to Italian Literature
ITL  255/Italian for Business
LIT  231-232/ World Literature to 1700; from 1700–Present
LIT  347/Modern European Drama
POL  350/Politics in Europe
POL  380/International Political Economy
POL 390/Tutorial:  Democracy in France
SPA  216/Current Events in the Spanish-Speaking World

*Prerequisite: ECO 102/Macroeconomics