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Middle Eastern Studies Specialization Four Year Plan

Four Year Course Sequence Sample

International Studies Major with a Middle Eastern Studies Specialization

Only 1 course at the 100-level may be counted toward a specialization.

Year 1      



First Year Seminar or FYW 102/Academic Writing (LL) INT 200- International Studies (INT)
ECO 102- Principles of Macroeconomics* (INT/LL) Business Option (INT)
Intensive Arabic for beginners** (2 Units) (INT)  Intensive Arabic for beginners (2 Units) (INT)

Year 2



Intensive Arabic for beginners (2 Units) (INT)  Middle Eastern Studies Elective (INT)
History or Political Science Option (INT) History or Political Science Option (INT)
Liberal Learning Liberal Learning
                                       Liberal Learning

Year 3

Fall (Study Abroad***)


Middle Eastern Studies Elective (INT/LL) Humanities or Social Science Option (INT)
Humanities or Social Science Option (INT) Liberal Learning
Arabic Language Unit (INT/LL) Elective
Liberal Learning Elective

Year 4



Liberal Learning INT 498- Senior Seminar in International Studies
Elective Elective
Elective Elective
Elective Elective

*Students will be enrolled in MAT 95/Intermediate Algebra if SAT/ACT score or placement test does not qualify for enrollment in ECO 102.

** Students’ language units must be in Arabic.

*** Students are able to study abroad any semester after their freshmen year, they are not restricted to Fall Junior year.